Frequently Asked Questions:

What is "Thriller"?

"Thriller" is a dance/performance based on Michael Jackson's performance in the original music video released in late 1983 for the hit song by the same name, "Thriller". The C-Street Zombie Corps under the guidance/instruction of Dance With Me, performs choreography that is derived from the original video and extended to fit the entire song.

What is the "C-Street Zombie Corps"?

The "C-Street Zombie Corps" is a not-for-profit, dance club, organized by Dance With Me that practices and performs "Thriller" throughout the year, culminating the the large annual production of "Thiller on C-Street"!

What is "Dance With Me"?

"Dance With Me" is one of the largest and most accomplished dance studios in Southwest Missouri specializing in Social Dance Instruction.

How do I get involved with "Thriller on C-Street"?

Come take a class. It's only $10 per class, plus you can join the C-Street Zombie Corps for $65 for the rest of your life! Members participate in classes/practices throughout the year, plus we perform throughout the year for various events for fun!
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Do I have to take the class to learn the dance to perform Thriller?

If you wish to dance Thriller with us in the street performance, you will need to be a current Zombie Corps member and attend our classes to learn the choreography to perform with us. A minimum of three classes are recommended, and certainly, the more you do with us, the easier the choreography will become and the better you will get at performing Thriller! We encourage our dancers to take the class many times throughout the year because each time you do it, you will get better!

What ages are allowed to perform?

Ages 10 and up. We've had dancers in our group ranging from 10 to 80 years of age. We've had dancers perform with us ranging from peak athletes to those recovering from injuries or surgery. The choreography can be performed as intense as your physical abilities will allow. We do ask that dancers under the age of 12 have a parent present at all times to accompany them. Our classes are not specifically designed around young children.

What happens after the street performance?

After the street performance feel free to hang around! Join the Zombie Corps in the Savoy Ballroom for photos and halloween fun! Cover charge is only $5 per person and we'll have a large photo booth area set up for you to get your pictures taken with your favorite characters! Bring your own camera for selfies, plus we'll have mini polaroids available for free!! Hang around for music, dancing, fun, food, bar specials, and costume contest with trophy and cash prize!

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