In days ancient and forgotten, Dr. Savoy Deadalous was traveling the world with his circus sideshow and a cast of misfits that were more family than sideshow troupe. Being a misfit himself and feeling disconnected from the world, he sought a mystical path that would unite his troupe for all eternity.

Prof. Joynoir Erasmus was his troupe magician and they began a dark quest in search of a sorcerous enchantment that would bring immortality to the entire troupe. One dark and dreadful evening on the eve of All Hallow’s Night, the pair met under the cloak of night to cast their spell. Unbeknownst to them, something went terribly wrong. Dr. Deadalous did achieve immortality but at terrible cost. His troupe of misfits were drained of life and transfigured to live forever….as zombies.

Over the years a dire truth became evident. To remain immortal and to care for his family, Dr. Deadalous was cursed to raise the dead and drain others of life. In order to cover his dreadful deeds, he travels with his zombie freak show. In his travels, he has found that one song and one song only can calm the dead and bring order to their existence…Thriller!

Thriller on C-Street is a production by Dance With Me and the C-Street Zombie Corps.

Thriller on C-Street is a free production open to the general public.

While the use of "zombies" and other occult themes are utilized throughout the production, the participants and organizers do not express any religious affiliations to the occult or supernatural. This event and performance is merely an homage to the original spirit of music, dance, and art reflected and inspired by Michael Jackson's original Thriller performance.

Thriller on C-Street is a community-minded event and street performance that is intended to perpetuate the positive influences of music, art, and dance, to all people, whether participants or spectators.

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